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A career at Angels’ Place means making a difference in the lives of others and providing them with the love and compassion that every human being deserves. If you are motivated to serve others and believe that professional and personal integrity are essential in the workplace, we would love to speak with you!

Current Job Openings

Current Openings

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What Our
Employees Say

My career at Angels’ Place is a calling from God. I have grown to really love and care for the residents at Angels’ Place. I love discovering their interests, gifts, and talents. We spend time together at baseball games, basketball games, movie theaters, concerts, restaurants and we enjoy summer picnics. My time with them is so rewarding. I would never have imagined experiencing such joy at work. The residents have certainly made a difference in my life. My joining Angels’ Place is one of the best decisions I ever made. - Berlinda

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"I started as a volunteer for Angels’ Place in the Summer of 2013 and am now a full-time employee. Working at Angels’ Place has broadened my heart and faith. I enjoy coming to work every day even and have helped out in so many different homes that I feel so blessed to be a part of a wonderful family. Angels’ Place is a great organization and I am so very blessed to be working here. I am hoping more people, my age especially, will get involved in Angels’ Place and keep this organization growing. We need all the help we can get to provide our mission to our residents: “care for life”. - Jackie

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"What does Angels’ Place mean to me? Simply put happiness and joy! After working in the retail field for nearly 9 years I'm so thankful I made the switch. Every morning I wake up knowing my job is important. The residents I assist are always so happy to see me walk through the door, you don't get that in retail. The residents are so uplifting and caring, it's truly a blessing. What I've realized working with my guys is that not only do they learn from me but I've learned so much from them. Working at Angels’ Place you don't expect to gain a second family but that's exactly what I have gained."
- Jessica

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"Working at Angel's Place has been a great experience. I have been here over 3 years and what impresses me about the company are the friendly people working here; everyone interacts very well.  I am fortunate to be part of serving the community of men and women with special needs. Each day they remind me how to live with grace and humor. Overall it has been a rewarding experience and I hope you will consider joining the Angels' Place team!" - Frances

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"After 16 yrs., I still love working for Angels Place. It's enjoyable, interesting, fun, loveable and very rewarding. All our residents are great. It's my 2nd family!" - Peggy

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Why Choose Angels’ Place?

At Angels’ Place we believe in equality for all people and are passionate about enriching the lives of those we serve, our employees, and our volunteers. Through compassion, respect, and dignity, we can make our community a better place, and can continue to witness the valued contribution to society people with intellectual impairments can make.

We've been part of the Metro Detroit community for over 30 years, employing exceptional caregivers with positive attitudes that align with our mission. Want to become part of our family? We welcome your interest and application for employment.

Integrity First

I pledge to make “doing the right thing” my number one priority.

Excellence in All We Do

I pledge to bring a spirit of excellence to my work and to my relationships at Angels’ Place.

Guided by Faith

I pledge to use the teachings of Jesus as my cornerstone of care.

Service is Our Mission

I pledge to share in the responsibility of providing exceptional service to the members of my Angels’ Place community.

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