A Philosophy
of care and service

Angels’ Place offers many levels of support and service to families who seek to answer the question: who will take care of my adult son or daughter with a developmental disability when I am no longer here to do so?

Our Types of Care Include

Abundant Life Services

Abundant Life Services offers on bi-monthly basis special events, recreation, dining out, sports, crafts, community and cultural events to Angels’ Place Abundant Life Services members.

Guidance and Support

Angels’ Place will act as a resource, helping families identify and navigate service needs. An individual does not need to be seeking services from Angels’ Place in order to experience a listening ear and the sharing of any information and knowledge that we may have.

Residential Services

Angels’ Place manages and operates homes nestled into existing neighborhoods, providing the appropriate level of staffing support to each resident to assure safety, well-being and a fully involved life. These homes are located in the tri-county area of Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties.

Residents Homes & Locations

Beverly Hills

Chelton Home


R.C. Mahon Home

Middlebury Home

Breckenridge Home

Haddington Home

Clinton Township

M.A.V.E. home


Joliat Home

Farmington Hills

Dinan Home

St. Francis Home

Lochdale Home

Royal Oak

Linwood Home

Shelby Township

Webber Home


Bell Home

Longcrest Home

Lopez Family Home


Rogulski Home

VanElslander Home

West Bloomfield

Holy Family Home

Pine Center Home

Saddlewood Home


Grimaldi Home

A map that shows the names and cities where each of the Angels' Place homes are located.

Homes Enduring

Angels’ Place is known as welcoming, helpful, and compassionate. Our homes are symbols of our caring reputation – each one a lighthouse of hope and love within the community. We intend to be there for those who need us, decade after decade. We are guardians of human beings made in the image of God. We pledge to serve now and always. Our homes will endure.

DONATions make
the difference

Help Angels' Place continue to provide support, services, and homes to our residents by donating today. Your donations make caring for our residents possible.

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