Our Volunteers CHange Lives

We appreciate the passion, time, and talent that our volunteers give to us and would love to have you on our team. With a variety of opportunities and flexible schedules, we are sure you will find your place at Angels’ Place.

There are many opportunities to get involved. Please call or email karen.macdonald@angelsplace.com if you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities:

Special events
Youth Council
Walking Club
Cooking class
Share a talent
Enrichment Program
Fall & Spring Clean-Ups
Teaching a musical instrument
Miracle League (Summer opportunity)
Reading to a resident or being a penpal
Hosting a dance, Bingo, spa night, or other fun activity for the residents

The opportunities are endless. Please join us!

Interested in Volunteering at Angels' Place

Volunteer Programs

Volunteers are integral to operations at Angels’ Place & provide a network of resources to Angels’ Place residents!

We embrace the diversity of volunteers that share time with us. We believe that each has unique gifts to share and we carefully match volunteers to the needs at Angels’ Place. Relatively large projects can often be broken down in order to engage an adult with technical skills & experience, as well as to focus the energy of an especially young group.

We respect the commitment & value the time that volunteers share.

  • Volunteers in action are frequently highlighted in photos & articles, in newsletters & social media.
  • Volunteers are nominated for outside awards from state of Michigan & other agencies.
  • Volunteers are supported with letters of recommendation when applying to college, Peace Corp, employment, etc.

How much time can you invest?

  • Some Volunteers may create a regular schedule (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits).
  • Some Volunteers may work on an as needed basis to complete projects.
  • Volunteers may use their time to fulfill service hour requirements for your school or other organization.

What do you need to know?

  • Policy – Angels’ Place is committed to equal opportunity and abides by all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Age Requirements – There are many volunteer activities for all ages.
  • State Law and Local Regulations – To work in proximity of our residents you must provide proof of a negative TB test that is no more than five years old.
  • Application – Each applicant will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator to determine interests and opportunities.



Enrichment Volunteers facilitate & assist day program.

Skill & Requirements

  • Availability of at least 2 hours, Monday through Thursday
  • Volunteer application & recent TB test
  • A smile & willingness to share time with residents!
  • Fully vaccinated


Home Maintenance Volunteers are on call & respond to home manager requests for minor repairs.

Skill & Requirements

  • Ability to complete minor repairs contact the facilities manager with work beyond their ability or availability

Seasonal Yard Maintenance Volunteers

Skill & Requirements

  • Ability to weed & rake leaves as needed

Spring & Fall Yard Clean Up Volunteers

Skill & Requirements

  • Ability to rake, trim shrubs & low tree branches, clean gutters, wash windows & patio furniture

Special Projects include Eagle Scouts & skilled corporate groups

Skill & Requirements

  • Volunteer skills are carefully matched with appropriate projects


Pantry Volunteers Stocking, shelving and organizing goods, picking up donated goods, filling orders.

Skill & Requirements

  • Ability to lift boxes of canned goods & organize goods on shelves
  • Ability to fill orders
  • Must be fully vaccinated

Mailing Volunteers fold, stuff, label & stamp all mailed event invitations, etc.

Skill & Requirements

  • Requires attention to detail

Technology & Social Media Support Volunteers

Skill & Requirements

  • General background & knowledge in these areas (often project specific)

Resident Relationship

Resident Relationship Volunteers offer companionship, often teaching or sharing a special talent or interest, with an individual resident or all residents of a specific home. Resident-volunteer relationships develop while enjoying time together. Volunteer visits may include doing crafts, art projects, puzzles, playing games, cooking, playing Wii, enjoying sports, planting an herb garden, playing musical instrument or sharing a love of cars.

Skill & Requirements

  • Requires attention to detail
  • Must be fully vaccinated

Volunteer Experiences


I joined Angel's place because I wanted to help people with disabilities improve their quality of life. Every time I go to the St. Francis House, I see the bright smiles of men in the house who are earnest to develop their skills whether it be critical thinking or learning how to use technology to connect with their loved ones. Seeing their progress motivates me to do the most with my God-given abilities and after every session I leave with a tremendous satisfaction that I have done something good which draws me back to help more.

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