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Leave a Legacy, Change a Life

Angels’ Place Legacy Society was founded as a result of our commitment to protecting, sustaining, and providing for life. We formed the Angels' Place Legacy Society in 2006 to support the long-term goals of Angels' Place, which include taking care of our residents at all stages of their lives, acting as their family when their family of origin cannot, and meeting all their needs.

We are so grateful for the continuous support from our benefactors, and the Legacy Society is a special way to support our mission, leave a legacy, and change a life. By adding Angels' Place in your estate plans as a part of your own legacy, you can help ensure that the family we have created for our residents will endure.  

A planned gift to Angels’ Place in your will or estate arrangements is a beautiful way to continue your legacy of giving and supporting those we care for. All Legacy Society Members receive a membership pin and an invitation to our annual membership event to share in this unique mission. 

Your once-in-a-lifetime contribution will change a life!
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A Legacy Story
My brother, John, was born with Down Syndrome.  He has lived at the Joliat Home for over ten years. His bedroom is adorned with family photographs, mementos, and most importantly - his Tiger and Red Wing memorabilia.  James Bond stands guard while John sleeps from two framed posters on the walls.
John enjoys baseball with the Miracle League in the summer, bowling, horseback riding, sleep away camp, and swimming.  John participates in the annual talent show and loves all the parties he attends, especially if pizza or hamburgers are served! 
I know that certain assets are ideal for legacy gifts and other assets are better suited for heirs. Retirement plans are ideal for charitable giving since their heavy tax burden is eliminated when the beneficiary(ies) are non-profit organizations.
So, I named Angels' Place the beneficiary of my retirement plan. At my death, Angels' Place will receive the balance remaining in my IRA. There will be no tax consequences for either Angels' Place or my estate. I made this legacy gift for all the "Angels" who found a home at Angels' Place and in gratitude for its very existence.
I have a lot of names for my brother...Johnnybabe, Sweetiebabe, John, Sweetheart, or Handsome.  Yet, whatever name I choose to call him on a given day or hour, my brother is the joy of my life.
And, you can't put a price on JOY.
-  Gretchen Koch

Carry On The Angels’ Place Mission

How to make a legacy gift

Beneficiary designation is the easiest way to make an estate gift. Simply call your provider to make the necessary changes or to add Angels' Place to your beneficiary designation form, and you can designate Angels' Place as a beneficiary. 

That's it! You have just included a gift to Angels' Place in your estate.  

Another option is including a gift to Angels’ Place in your will. You can choose to bequest a dollar amount, a percentage, or the reminder of your estate after your family obligations have been met.  

Both gift options are revocable and provide you with lifetime access to your assets.
Additional Planned Giving Opportunities

Angels place is here to help

It is important to work with a financial advisor or attorney who has expertise in establishing the appropriate estate plan to meet your family's unique requirements. If you have any questions or want to know more, please contact our Director of Development, Barbara Urbiel, 248-350-2203.
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